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Lashing & Securing

we are able to handle a large volume of work in an efficient, safe and timely manner, with attention to detail and continuous flexibility to change during assignments. We work according to the latest techniques, standards and requirements.

Besides securing your cargo on board of sea-going vessels, we offer this service in containers, flat racks and rail wagons. In short, for virtually every form of transport we are able to secure your cargo, regardless of shape, weight and volume.

To professionally carry out our activities, we have a wide range and immediately available stock of materials and advanced tools. Our primary and continuous goal is to prevent damage during transportation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Car lashings are straps to prevent load to slip. You can use it on container roro-ships or on special car-loading-trucks for load securing. The fixed lashing of cargo lashing belts increases the pressure and the friction force.

The lashing capacity (LC) is up to 1500 daN. The high quality polyester webbing of car lashings has a width of 25mm and regularly a length of 2m. Other lengths are available on request, you can also choose the colour. Snap hooks and paddle buckles are made of steel with black coating.

Please note: Car lashings are manufactured according to DIN EN12195-2.

They come packed in carton boxes on pallets.